Charlottetown, Newfoundland
Clode Sound Motel and Restaurant

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Other features include:
  * High Speed Internet
  * Tennis Court
  * Playground
  * Indoor Hot Tub
  *Heated Swimming
  * Stone BBQ pits
  * Family 
  * Restaurant/Bakery
  * Room Service
  * Maid Service
  * Colour/Cable T.V.
                                                                                            * Public Telephone


* 10 mins east of Sandy Pond
   freshwater beach
* 5 mins from hiking trails
* 15 mins east of Marine
   Interpertation Centre
* 15 mins east of Sea Kayaking
   & Boat Tour
* 20 mins east of Splash 'N Putt Park
* 15 mins west of award winning Twin Rivers Golf Course
    & Eagle Creek Golf Course
* 40 mins south of Eastport & Sandy Cove beaches

Clode Sound Motel is the winner of the 1992 Golden Orchid Award

An orchid is a rare and beautifully unique flower that grows in only the best of locations and under the best of attention. Many of the B&Bs, Inns, Hotels, Cabins and Motels in this province have become, like the orchid, beautifully unique due to the attention of the property's owner.

The Orchid Award was created by Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador to recognize accommodations in this province that set new standards for aesthetics at an international level.

A country resort minutes from the ocean.

Rates Starting at $89.98 up to $199.98.
Children under 12 free
Special rates available
Visa/MasterCard Accepted (no personal cheques)